Great Sleep Mattress Sale

Because you deserve a great night's sleep.

You deserve a great night's sleep! At Heringhaus Furniture, get that and more with our large selection of quality mattress sets featuring White Dove with 1250 individually wrapped coil springs and ultra-density high quality foam padding handcrafted right here in Ohio. Lay down on one and you will immediately feel the difference. Don't forget to ask us about our White Dove 2 sided mattresses for longer life and increased comfort.

  Now, during our Great Sleep Sale, get LOW SALE prices on our entire selection of White Dove mattresses plus, as a bonus, get a FREE Sheet set with your King or Queen mattress set purchase!

FREE Sheet Set

With a King or Queen set purchase.

White Dove... Old Fashioned Comfort Built for the Modern World

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White Dove Quality

Step up to the unbeatable quality and comfort you can only find on a mattress by White Dove. White Dove mattresses may seem like other mattresses at first glance. They have memory foam, so does White Dove. They have two-sided and one-sided mattresses, so does White Dove. They have…well you get the picture.

So what is so different about a White Dove mattress? It’s simple. They are parts and materials snobs and they are proud of it. White Dove refuses to accept anything less than the best materials and long lasting comfort and durability. Their mattresses are engineered for night after night after night.

If using hands, eyes and hearts to make a better mattress is old fashioned then so be it. White Dove wouldn’t have it any other way.

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For a great night's sleep, come on over and check out the White Dove mattress sets at Heringhaus Furniture. You'll feel better and sleep better on a mattress by White Dove.

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